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Mar 4, 2020 | Elevate Blog

Proving Z-axis location works – seeing is believing!

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Many companies’ business models rely on the ability to identify the location of customers, employees, or assets with high accuracy. Unfortunately, many of these companies are only focused on horizontal location that is delivered by the device as a default, not even realizing that the capability to provide high-accuracy vertical, or Z-axis, location is available. When I speak to them and explain how they would benefit from integrating Z-axis location into their applications, the question I most often get from those not familiar with Polaris Wireless 3D location technology is how to prove that it works. Partly I think this is because it is a relatively new concept for those that have staked their businesses on the ability to locate someone or something in two dimensions. They are justifiably skeptical about making the claim to layer in vertical location if they don’t have direct experience with it.

My typical response to this question is “let me show you.” Seeing is believing, after all, and Polaris Wireless has over two decades’ experience in innovating high accuracy wireless location solutions for mission-critical industries, and is used to providing real-world demonstrations of our capabilities. This technical demonstration is only the first part of proving the effectiveness of Z-axis location technology, however. We also want to show prospective customers that not only does the technology work, but that it works for their business, helping improve the customer experience, become more efficient, and increase revenue.

I’m so confident in Polaris Wireless’ capabilities that I have created a four-week proof-of-concept ‘in a box’ demonstration. This requires little to no development work for the customer, beyond agreeing to broad commercial objectives, engaging in some simple training, collecting application data, and evaluating Polaris Wireless performance. At the end of this PoC trial, we believe that we can show a business how Z-axis technology can clearly benefit them.

If your business offers a commercial application that you think might benefit from the use of 3D location technology to enable you to locate, guide, track and monitor team members or customers on both the horizontal and vertical, indoor and outdoor dimensions, then email us at ott@polariswireless.com.

Matt Rothschild is the Mountain View-based Head of 3D Location Platform Sales. He is a wireless and telecommunications industry leader with over twenty years’ experience leading sales, marketing, product, and operations organizations internationally. Matt has appeared extensively in industry publications and is working to expand Polaris Wireless’ presence as a location technology leader in key vertical industries.

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